grace lihwa

Case Study Coffee

Designer +  Production Assistant 

A local coffee shop located in Portland Oregon. With five stores, Case Study has continued to grow it’s company and celebrate ten-years as of June 2020. I juggled many roles in the creative department, being involved in serval projects. I managed and created the branding, photography, packaging, social media/strategy, all printed material, production assistant, marketing, and merch. I also planned our 2019 Christmas Party for 50+ guests including, decor, theme, collaborating on food, games, etc. 

Oak & Melanin

Brand Designer

Oak & Melanin is a studio dedicated to pushing the limits. We have a new outlook on design and what it means to get from point A to point B.

Whether web-based, social, digital, or print, Oak and Melanin works on a wide range of projects for clients. Depending on the project, duties can range from getting quotes for various projects to researching and designing a full brand identity for clients.

Ponzi Vineyards

Design Specalist

Working as an in-house designer, I worked on brand strategy, campaigns, photography, signage, packaging, re-branding, email blasts, marketing materials/collateral, and web design. Ponzi is a second-generation owned business that has been expanding their company for almost 50 years.

Lola Ayodele

Branding + Packaging + Editorial

Lola Ayodele is an up and coming clothing brand that encourages self-love through the customization of outfits for all women. The launch of Lola is in 2020. For the client that wanted to differentiate themselves from all clothing brands by developing branding that is human. The nude colors represent the various skin tones and the unity of coming together. The Strategy behind Lola Ayodele was to create a logo that was organic, yet, modern to evolve over time.