grace lihwa

Lola Ayodele

Branding + Packaging + Editorial

Lola Ayodele is an up and coming clothing brand that encourages self-love through the customization of outfits for all women. The launch of Lola is in 2019. For the client that wanted to differentiate themselves from all clothing brands by developing branding that is human. The nude colors represent the various skin tones and the unity of coming together. The Strategy behind Lola Ayodele was to create a logo that was organic, yet, modern to evolve over time.


Branding + Packaging

Be is an up and coming skincare brand that focuses on the men & women's natural skin. The launch of Be is in the spring of 2019. Be is an online store that customers may subscribe to monthly. Creating a unique way of selling their products, Be sends you a return label to send back your empty bottles to then be refilled, cleaned and marked for your next refill date. The inspiration for the branding and packaging came from using colors that represented nature. My idea in using the angled underline was to compliment the unique typeface of the brand’s name.

The Woman

Branding + Editorial 

The Woman is a quarterly magazine that inspires and shares advice from women in various industries such as makers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Every woman has a unique story and The Woman wants to share their story. The Woman embodies the unique  and different perspectives each woman shares.


Branding + Ux/Ui

Moodie is your guide to all things food and drink. It’s simple. Based on your mood + diet, Moodie can help narrow down the top five hot spots in town. No more scrolling through pages of “suggested” food spots, simply select your mood and choose a restaurant. Simple.

By the Bunch

Branding + Ux/Ui

My focus in this re-brand for By the Bunch is to bring a new revived style by using a clean style that can allow the shop to showcase their work. Currently, By the Bunch’s website is too broad and lacks the focus and attention that it’s competitors are carrying. By refining their current layout and focusing one form of customer service, By the Bunch can focus on the customer service aspect and let their website showcase their work the best way possible.